Republic of Mauritius raises flag over Sagos Islands, challenges UK ownership – News

Republic of Mauritius raises flag over Sagos Islands, challenges UK ownership – News

Following the progress of the United Kingdom-sponsored territory of the Sagos archipelago, the Mauritian ambassador to the UN, Jagadish Koonjul, formally competed after hoisting the flag of the Republic of Mauritius on the summit of Peros Panhos Island. The British newspaper The Guardian.

At a ceremony on Monday, Mauritius officials sang the country’s national anthem and hoisted red, blue, yellow and green shapes on the flagpole.

“As the British have done many times to establish colonies, we are doing the flag-raising symbolic act. However, we are getting ours back,” Koonjul said.

Later, the Prime Minister of Mauritania, Pravind Jagnad, made himself heard by a pre-recorded message broadcast over a loudspeaker to the citizens of Sagos, the authorities of the island of Mauritius and the media gathered on the beach.

As a result of this action, a plaque was placed under the flag, which reads: “Mauritius delegation visits Peros Paths archipelago in the Republic of Mauritius, in the context of a scientific voyage to Blenheim Reef”.

“This is the first time the Republic of Mauritius has led a trip to this part of its territory,” he said. “I’m sorry I could not be a part of this historic journey.” Jugnath added that the message he wanted to “transcend the world” was that they were “the wise administration of the region” – a clear indication of maritime security, maritime environmental protection and human rights, and the return of Sagos residents.

Shortly after the flag was hoisted, the Prime Minister of Mauritius told The Guardian in a phone call: “This is a very emotional moment for me and a very historic moment for us because we can raise our flag. It is our own territory. The international community and international organizations have already decided that this is our territory. What we do is legal.

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When asked about the reaction of the Republic of Mauritius if the UK authorities decide to remove the newly planted flag, Juknath said that if they do remove it, “it will be considered provocative on your part” because the UK should not “respect the rulings given by international law”.

By 2019, the United Nations had already announced the forced withdrawal of the Sagos Islands to the Republic of Mauritius.

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