Why was Rachel fired?

Why was Rachel fired?

Rachel Scheherazade was fired from A Fazenda 2023 (Record) after a falling out with Jenny Miranda – who was at the time the Farmer of the Week.

Understand why the journalist left the reality show below.

Why was Rachel fired from A Fazenda 15?

On Thursday morning (19), farmer Jenny delegated the week’s duties to the farm workers and left the sheep in Rachel’s charge. But the journalist refused to do the job because she had been taking care of the garbage in the past few days.

The two argued: Rachel stood her ground and said that she would not look after the sheep, and the farmer would have to do the job.

In the end, Rachel and Jenny did not take care of the sheep and caused thirst to be punished.

After the punishment, Rachel decided to go down to take care of the animals. Jenny said she would help her, which sparked a new controversy. At this moment, the PlayPlus cameras are cut off (stream recording).

The scenes were only shown on the live show on Thursday, when Jenny started screaming near Rachel’s face, the journalist put her hand over the influencer’s mouth to push her away. Lucas positioned himself between the two people to separate them.

After the incident, Rachel spoke to Andre and Lucas: “You didn’t expect me to do that [colocasse a mão no rosto dela]. I extended my hand for her to get away from me.”

Minutes later, the journalist was summoned to the closet by production. She put on a blindfold and went out the inner door. This was the moment Rachel left the program.

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Production asked workers to gather in the room and announced the expulsion: “Actions that could endanger the physical safety of others, whether part of the cast or production team of the programme, are prohibited. Due to the action taken against farmer Jenny and participant Rachel are out of the game.”

Rachel talked about being fired

On Thursday evening, Scheherazade spoke for the first time on social media about the expulsion. “I’m all right! As you all know, I left the farm this morning. I’m at home, and my children have already embraced me, and my dear mother, and I’m in their company. I’m at peace, I’m well.”

The journalist promised to talk to the public and audiences in the future: “I’ll talk to you again soon about my reasons for leaving the program. For contractual reasons I can’t talk yet, but I want to put your mind at ease.”

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