Riku meets Simaria and thanks his fans in Fazenda

Riku meets Simaria and thanks his fans in Fazenda

the Champion “Farm 13”, Rico Melquiades, was present at the concert of singers Simon and Simaria, in São Paulo (SP), last night. The show marks the duo’s return to the stage after nearly two years away from the public due to the pandemic.

Rico, who discovered he is Simaria’s favorite in reality show From Record, thanks fans Certanega. In the final stretch of gravity, the A colleague of hers posted a video announcing her vote in Alagoas To win a prize of 1.5 million Brazilian riyals. Behind the scenes on the show, Rico also met Telminha, the winner of the show.b b 20“.

“You guys I just met a IdolI’m a fan, hero BBB“I rooted for you so much,” the winner of The Farm told Thelma, he declared.

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Rico also shared photos of Simon and Simaria preparing for the show in Sao Paulo, chanting their slogan in the locker room: “Calada wins.”

On Simaria’s Instagram, the singer photographed an Alagoas singer and confirmed that she was rooting for him in reality.

The actress said, “Look who’s here! He’s a hero! Did you know my fans were for you?” Simaria continued, “I won because it was real. People are tired of fake people, we want the truth.” “And there were only fake people,” Rico replied.

“Friend, I am so happy, I still can’t believe I won, I swear. Thank you for helping me,” the ex-pawn thanked.

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