WhatsApp announces new features in voice messages

WhatsApp announces new features in voice messages

WhatsApp voice messages are a real success in programi.e. about 7 billion audios It is sent daily. Because of that, the company appears interested in adding new features to the system, as announced on Wednesday.

WhatsApp has published on its official blog a series of changes. “Today, we are pleased to announce a new sources This will make the experience of sending and receiving voice messages on WhatsApp even better.”

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Among the changes:

  • Restart outside the conversation: Hear an audio message without having to keep the conversation open, while doing other things or reading and responding to other messages.
  • Pause/resume recording: Now, when you’re recording a message, you can pause the recording if there’s an interruption or you need to think about what you’re going to say, and resume it when you’re ready.
  • Waveform display: A visual representation of the sound is shown in Message Voicemail to help accompany the recording.
  • Recording preview: Listen to your voice messages before sending them.
  • Resume playback: When you’re listening to an audio message and want to pause it, you can pick up where you left off by returning to the conversation.
  • Quick playback of forwarded messages: Hear voice messages 1.5x faster or 2x faster, both regular and forwarded messages.
WhatsApp announces new features in voice messages. Photo: Playback / WhatsApp

According to the company, resources will be gradually made available to everyone users From the next few weeks.

Do you know when you want to transfer a file on WhatsApp but the size is not supported by the app? Messenger may resolve this soon (at least in some cases). Trial version of Implementation For iOS Tested to allow file transfer files Media size up to 2 GB.

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According to the site WABetainfo22.7.0.76 for iOS beta is available in Argentina for some users. Remember that the current WhatsApp file limit is 100MB, so increasing it to 2GB is a big change in the features of the app.

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