What is a “constituency” and why is it being criticized in this way

What is a "constituency" and why is it being criticized in this way
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A “boycott” in the elections for deputies and councilors was approved by a commission, but the proposal was heavily criticized by experts.

The proposal to adopt the “constituency” system in the elections of deputies and council members was approved, on Monday (9/8), by the House of Representatives Special Committee discussing electoral reform.

The PEC (Proposal to Amend the Constitution), which also provides for the possibility of coalitions returning, still needs to be voted on in the House plenary and passed through the Senate. Other “area” proposals have already been voted on and rejected by the council twice in recent years, in 2015 and 2017.

Political scientists and scholars of the electoral system are highly critical of the term “boycott,” the nickname given to a system that adopts majority votes for legislation, and classify it as the “worst possible model.”

But after all, how does the system work and why is it being criticized?

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