What do I do if I go to the UK? How much do my calls cost?

Do you know how many calls will cost you in the UK?

So far, calls in the UK have not cost you much, regardless of whether you received them or not. First Brought around European, because this country belonged to Europe, but now Proxy Everything can change. Since June 15, 2017, roaming has disappeared in the EU, so it doesn’t matter if you make or receive calls because you are within your rates. Of course, always take into account the limits you have contracted.

This question Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i’ll tell ya, In addition to others who live there for work reasons, but with a Spanish phone.

At the moment, the UK’s exit from the EU is a complex matter. Roaming is a pending issue. For now, Spanish phone companies will keep this service free until we get a new report, however, waiting for future deals.

How does the roaming service work?

It’s not that easy Some people confuse it with international calls, Thinking these are free, nothing from reality.

International Call a A service that charges you a fixed price whenever you make a call from your phone to another overseas terminal, Uses the Spanish network.

Brought around You use your phone when using a foreign network to make and receive calls, Which is why it is important to disable data roaming. Especially those who are close to Morocco, the bill will be significantly increased if there is more strength in the network of the Moroccan operator.

So, If you go to the UK in a few months, it is a good idea to contact your phone provider You can check the rates in effect at that time.

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