Sony will secretly test Soulsbourne in the UK

Sony will secretly test Soulsbourne in the UK

Apparently, Sony is holding test sessions for a mysterious Soulsborn in the UK. According to information posted by internet users, the venue used for the paid operation in London between October 10 and 13 was a closed PlayStation event.

Applicants selected to adventure for four days at the game received a fee of £500 and attend Nr Oxford Circus Space as described in the vacancy provided on the website. Research. Earlier, the company used the same location for sessions with Dreams and Gran Turismo 7.

Proximity to PlayStation’s office in the United Kingdom adds to the suspicion, it pointed out Bushsquare. In fact, Unsung Souls could be Team Ninja’s Rise of the Ronin. It is believed to be launched in early 2024, however, the companies have not confirmed this officially.

So, better to wait a bit for more news. If the game is still in beta, PlayStation or Team Ninja should have something to share with the community in the coming months.

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