Watch how to activate and you will be surprised!

Watch how to activate and you will be surprised!

Hey WhatsApptoday one of the major instant messaging applications in the world, is always coming up with many new features.

Among them, the transparent screen appeared, which can be very useful for those who use the phone for several simultaneous tasks.

However, few people know about this new feature, especially since it needs to be downloaded through the app. play store On your mobile phone.

With it, your WhatsApp will get another function among the many that already exist.

What is the benefit of the transparent WhatsApp application?

Transparent WhatsApp: See how it works – Image: Pixabay

We often use cell phone To do several things at the same time: work, chat with family and friends, manage the house, etc. Then, messages arrive on WhatsApp which can practically disrupt and interrupt these other services.

As if that were not enough, the messages that arrive and appear on the screen end up distracting our attention and “interrupting” other activities being carried out. Right now, the transparency of the messaging app is an important ally.

This is because the messages will continue to arrive, but they will not appear in your account a screen Main. In this way, it will be possible to continue performing other actions and, after that, look at all messages more calmly.

Therefore, one procedure will likely not interfere with the other and ensure better quality and usage of your cell phone.

But you have to know how to download and use the application that ensures this transparency for WhatsApp, a product that is absolutely necessary for the daily life and professional activities of most people in the world.

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Step by Step: Make your WhatsApp transparent

  • 1- First, download the application called “Transparent”.
    Screen' (Transparent Screen) on the Play Store.
  • 2- After installation, click on the “Apply Screen” function.
    transparent'; Grant permission while using WhatsApp.
  • 3 – Now, choose the style you want and apply it to your cell phone.
  • 4 – After doing the previous step, also select the “Set Background” option,
    The options to use the function will appear on the home screen or lock screen of your cell phone.
  • 5- Finally, return to the main screen of your device
    Phone and check if the change has been made.

Finally, it should be noted that this feature only works on devices Android.

In the case of the iPhone, due to security restrictions imposed by Apple, this feature is not allowed, at least not at the moment.

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