Verstappen wins first qualifying match – Takes the pole on 07/17/2021

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Silverstone, England, 17 July 2021 (AFP) – Dutchman Max Verstappen (Red Bull) won the first qualifying race in Formula 1 history this Saturday, starting Sunday at the Silverstone Round from the pole position at the British Grand Prix.

After starting in second place, Verstappen, who leads the drivers’ championship, overtook current runner-up Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) to take the lead 17 laps in this new F1 test format.

Both drivers will start the race at 52 laps in the front row.

“We put a lot of pressure on each other because the tires were so hot,” Verstappen said.

“We started well and then we had to manage the tires all the way,” explained the Dutchman, who, like Hamilton, had blisters on his tires.

“We need to make sure we do the same tomorrow,” he said.

Thanks to completing this 100km race in 25 minutes, Verstappen finished fourth in a row and eighth in his career.

In addition, he adds three points to the Worlds, two to Hamilton and one to Voltaire Botas (Mercedes), third and one. The young Red Bull driver now has 33 points ahead of Hamilton before the 10th race of the 23-point championship.

If he beats Hamilton in the British ‘home’ GP (a record) who has climbed to the top of the podium seven times (a record), the Dutchman will take his decisive step towards his first world title at almost 23 years old. .

– Hamilton has no faith – In front of 105,000 spectators (86,000 attended on Friday, 140,000 are expected on Sunday), Hamilton had the opportunity to thank the fans: “You can not imagine the energy this crowd gives me.”

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But he did not regret not being able to take first place. In his opinion, Red Bull was “too fast”.

With this decision, seven-time world champion Hamilton follows with 100 poles, the last record being captured in Spain in May. G.P. In terms of wins, Hamilton runs five races in a row without climbing up the podium.

‘Sir Lewis’ had set the fastest time in the ‘classic’ stages on Friday, but he had to confirm by winning this unprecedented qualifying race.

With this design, F1 seeks to update itself by offering one event per day throughout the weekend (Rank-Sprint-Grand Prix). Many professionals, fans, team leaders and even drivers were not convinced by the new design.

Without further ado Hamilton declared it a “procession.” On the front, it’s true that not much has happened, except for the early one.

Still unbelievable by this news, he called on the organizers to reconsider if they would like to keep this new design until 2022.

– Alonso stands alone-Emotions ran high again. The 39-year-old senior Fernando Alonso (Alpine) started in 11th place and finished sixth in the first corners, but lost rhythm and finished seventh.

At the point, Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) will come in 2nd row with Botas, ahead of McLaren, Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo.

The big hit of the day, Mexican Sergio Perez crashed into the fifth lap. After the fifth start on Saturday, the second Red Bull ride will start last Sunday.

— UK G.P. Startup phase:

1st row:

Max Verstappen (HOL / Red Bull-Honda)

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Louis Hamilton (GPR / Mercedes)

2nd row:

Valteri Botas (FIN / Mercedes)

Charles Leclerc (MON / Ferrari)

3rd row:

Lando Norris (GPR / McLaren-Mercedes)

Daniel Ricciardo (AUS / McLaren-Mercedes)

4th row:

Fernando Alonso (ESP / Alpine-Renault)

Sebastian Vettel (ALE / Aston Martin-Mercedes)

5ª Sequence:

George Russell (GPR / Williams-Mercedes)

Stephen O’Connor (FRA / Alpine-Renault)

6 rows:

Carlos Science Jr. (ESP / Ferrari)

Pierre Casley (FRA / AlphaTauri-Honda)

7th row:

Kimi Raikkonen (FIN / Alpha Romeo-Ferrari)

Lance Stroll (CAN / Aston Martin-Mercedes)

8ª Sequence:

Antonio Geovinassi (IDA / Alfa Romeo-Ferrari)

Yuki Chotka (JPN / Alpari-Honda)

9ª Sequence:

Nicholas Latifi (CAN / Williams-Mercedes)

Mick Schumacher (ALE / Haus-Ferrari)

10th row:

Nikita Masebin (RUS / Haas-Ferrari)

Sergio Perez (Max / Red Bull-Honda)


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