Prince Harry has 'no plans' to reunite with his brother in England

Prince Harry has 'no plans' to reunite with his brother in England

Although Prince Harry is in England following King Charles III's diagnosis, there are “no plans” to meet him and Prince William.

After King's cancer diagnosis Charles IIIPrince Harry He went to England to meet his father. His journey home will not include a reunion with his brother Prince William.

The Duke of Sussex arrived at London Heathrow Airport on Tuesday the 6th and traveled straight to Clarence House, the home of King Charles III. The last time father and son are believed to have been together was during the King's coronation in May. It is worth recalling that Prince Harry traveled alone without his wife. Meghan Markleand two sons, Prince Archie4 years old, and a princess Lilibet2 years old.

“That's good”A source close to the royal family told the magazine People. “Hope [Harry] Take the grandkids too sometimes as it will be fantastic for all of them.

Although Prince Charles met the King on Tuesday, a day after his diagnosis was made public, a royal source said. “No plans” Prince Harry and Prince William are reuniting.

Prince William has his reasons. He has been absent from royal engagements in recent weeks due to stomach surgery by his wife. Kate Middleton. While she recovers, he spends time taking care of their three children – Prince GeorgePrincess Charlotte And the prince Lewis. According to the palace, the Princess of Wales is not expected to return to public life until at least Easter.

The Prince of Wales is expected to return to public duties this Wednesday at an investiture ceremony at Windsor Castle and an annual fundraiser for the London Air Ambulance.

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According to People, as heir to the throne, Prince William may take on some duties on his father's behalf in the coming weeks, with his own diaries. However, there is currently no plan to appoint royal advisers – members of the royal family who can perform constitutional duties to act on behalf of the king if he is abroad or ill. At this time, the positions are held by the Queen CamilaPrince William, Prince Harry, Prince AndrewPrincess BeatricePrincess June And the prince Edward.

Prince Harry also has his reasons for not meeting. In the pages of his memoirs, he exposed the painful “rifts” between him and his family spare, Published in January 2022.

Almost a year after its release SpareThe author of the work, Omit ScopeI said People what “Absolutely nothing has changed.”

“I saw Harry's 'spare' release as a last ditch effort to tell his family how he felt over the years.”Scobie said. “Because there's never been a forum open enough to have these conversations or share these feelings.”

In his book, Omit Skopje describes both the decline of the royal family and the weakening of the modern monarchy. Ultimatum. He said while writing “I was talking to a source early in the process and they called Harry a 'runner' and said that was William's idea.”Reported to People. “These were two men who were once firmly united in their perspectives. One of them had to go to defend the crown.”

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