US Supreme Court repeals anti-immigration policy – 06/30/2022 – World

Various decisions of the US Supreme Court this Thursday (30) represented a victory and a defeat for US President Joe Biden on two issues dear to his administration: the environmental agenda and immigration.

In the first case, the country’s highest court ruled that the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (FEPA) had no authority to limit pollutant emissions from power plants. The university recognized that only Congress, or the factories themselves, could enforce these limits. The decision is a powerful influence for the Biden administration, which will now have fewer tools on hand to carry out its campaign promise to combat the increase in pollution, and thus climate change.

In the second decision, this decision in favor of Biden, the Supreme Court overturned an earlier decision of the judge set The return of the controversial immigration policy known as Stay in the Mexico. This policy was adopted during the administration of Donald Trump Tens of thousands of immigrants live in Mexico Awaiting US hearings on their asylum claims, which critics say puts them at risk of kidnapping and other crimes.

By 5-4, the Supreme Court overturned a federal appeals court ruling that called for a return to anti-immigration policy after the Republican-ruled states of Texas and Missouri filed lawsuits to preserve the program. The result is a victory for Biden.

The judges concluded that the Fifth US Court of Appeals, based in New Orleans (Louisiana), erred in finding that federal immigration law requires immigrants to be returned to Mexico as long as there is not enough space for them to be held in the United States.

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The Supreme Court also rejected another court decision that canceled the program’s termination in June 2021. That decision argued that there was a violation of federal administrative law when the Biden administration did not adequately justify the termination of the previous policy.

The Trump administration adopted an anti-immigration policy, officially called the “Immigrant Protection Protocols,” in 2018 in response to Immigration increases along the border with MexicoChanging long-standing American practices.

About 68,000 people were arrested in Mexico from the time the policy went into effect in 2019 until Biden lifted it in January 2021, Including Brazilians and other non-Mexicans.

The subject of discussion in court was the importance of a provision in the US Immigration Act of 1996 that authorities may “return” certain immigrants to Mexican territory pending immigration proceedings. Texas and Missouri said this provision should be used because the United States has no place to detain immigrants.

The Biden administration argues that this provision is discretionary and that if it were to be adopted compulsorily, it would mean that “every presidential administration, in an unbroken line over the past quarter century, has openly violated” the law. Administrations prior to Trump’s presidency used this provision in moderation.

The Democrat also argues that lower courts are “unacceptably interfering” with the historically broad power that US presidents have over immigration and foreign affairs.

For immigrants who do not pose a security risk, immigration law separately allows release to the United States on humanitarian grounds or “significant public interest” pending a decision on asylum, a practice authorities have followed for decades.

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the number of Migrants caught crossing the border illegally Between the two countries, records were recently set. Republicans Criticize Biden’s Immigration Policies, Say Politics Still In Mexico Effectively deter illegal crossing.

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