Unions in Argentina go on a general strike against Miley's government Thursday (9)

Unions in Argentina go on a general strike against Miley's government Thursday (9)

Hector Dyer, Secretary General of the CGT, said: “We are heading towards a 24-hour strike to demand adjustments for pensioners. We cannot make adjustments in the most vulnerable sectors, we want to solve the salary problems.”

May 9
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The General Trade Confederation (CGT) will carry out a 24-hour national strike in Argentina, on Thursday (9), to protest the president's economic policies. Javier Miley.

CGT Leaders: Hector Dier, Carlos Acuña, and Pablo Moyano

Photo: Noticias Argentinas/Perfil Brasil

This is the second one “force meter” Against the Argentine government in five months. The first was on January 24, when there was a 12-hour national strike.

“We are on strike for 24 hours to demand adjustments to the salaries of pensioners and retirees. We cannot make adjustments to the most vulnerable sectors. We want to solve salary problems.”This was stated by the Secretary General of the CGT, Hector Dyer.

presidential spokesman, Manuel Adorniagain criticized the CGT in the hours before the new force measure and called on the union to a “Fundamentalists of backwardness”In addition to confirming this “State employees who stop by will receive a discount on the day.”.

The strike is scheduled to begin at 00:00 Buenos Aires time, and will continue until 11:59 pm, and includes stopping many activities and services.

Unions and strikes as an “action of power”

The union seeks to measure its strength for the second time in just five months of the liberal administration, against the backdrop of the discussion on the basic law in the Senate. Topics are discussed there “sensitive” For union leaders, such as the flexibility initiatives included in the labor reform promoted by Miley.

The massive call that arose weeks ago in the context of the Federal University march showed that the President’s saw was able to unite several sectors and groups with different political orientations against the amendment.

The massive public participation in this march gave the CGT the impetus to launch this powerful new measure, knowing that new tariff increases would be coming in the coming months (strategically extended by the government to temporarily deactivate a source of tension).

The vast majority of unions will stand down on Thursday, with the big three centers calling for the strong action. The closure will be strongly felt during the day in almost all activities, even transportation and public services. Some activities are only expected in certain commercial facilities.

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