US removes Iranian websites accused of misinformation Scientist

Government related websites will He appeared on the air this Tuesday (22) and with a message on the screen attributed to the authorities United State. The text said that these pages were He was overthrown by order of the US security agencies.

Officially, the US government has not commented on the procedure. But a government source said so The decision came by the US authorities in retaliation for the sites that “spread misleading information.”. The Iranian Islamic Republic Agency (IRNA) said the blockade was ordered by the US government.

Moments after the removal, some sites returned to the Internet or opened new pages on other domains.

The ouster was widely criticized in Iran: According to Reuters, Iran’s YJC agency – considered semi-official in relation to Tehran – said the action attributed to the United States “shows that calls for freedom of expression are false”.

Although some sites are associated with Iran, they are located in other countries, including Lebanon it’s the United kingdom. Another portal run by Houthi leaders who are fighting a coalition led by Saudi Arabia No To whom.

This is not the first time that such a measure has taken place: in October last year, US prosecutors ordered the overthrow of a network that, according to US authorities, used as an electoral tool by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

The new president refuses to meet Biden

Iranian President-elect Ebrahim Raisi during a press conference in Tehran on Monday (21) – Photo: Atta Kenari/AFP

The action by the US government comes less than a week after the Iranian presidential election that gave Ebrahim Raisi, who is considered a hard-line conservative, the victory. At a press conference, the president-elect said that He does not intend to meet Joe Biden.

The new president, who was elected with about 62 percent of the vote, praised the “enormous presence” of the Iranian people at the polling stations “despite the psychological warfare waged by Iran’s enemies.” However, the election was marked by a record abstention.

Watch more about the new Iranian president’s foreign policy in the video below

Iran's president-elect refers to a combative foreign policy

Iran’s president-elect refers to a combative foreign policy

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