US and UK develop AI safety guidelines

US and UK develop AI safety guidelines
US and UK AI cybersecurity protocol provides end-to-end control (Credit: Freepik)

Cybersecurity authorities in the United States and the United Kingdom released a set of global guidelines to ensure the safe development of artificial intelligence (AI) this Monday, the 27th. In general, the guidelines aim to increase cyber security levels and ensure that AI technologies are designed, developed and deployed safely.

In addition to two countries, officials from 16 other countries confirmed that they recognize and follow the protocol – see list below, which does not include Brazil.

Contributions between the UK National Cyber ​​Security Center and the US Cyber ​​Security and Infrastructure Security Agency informed the document titled “Guidelines for the Secure Development of AI Systems”. It should be noted that this protocol is not related to the executive order issued by US President Joe Biden last month.

This set of activities aims to help programmers create secure systems from conception to technical implementation, including updates and development. It also predicts that AI models will have end-to-end security assessment capabilities.

“The guidelines help developers understand that cyber security is an essential prerequisite for the security of an AI system and an integral part of the development process from start to finish, known as a ‘secure by design’ approach,” the protocol declares.

The instructions were divided into four main areas: design; development; implantation; and operation and maintenance. All of them include the word “insurance”.

The British Cyber ​​Security Center expects the guidelines to be adopted globally. “They will help developers of any system that uses AI to inform cybersecurity decisions at every stage of the development process – whether these systems are built from scratch or based on tools and services provided by third parties,” the British strengthening authority said.

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In addition to the United Kingdom and the United States, the protocol has the support of cybersecurity organizations in Germany, Australia, Canada, Chile, South Korea, Estonia, France, Israel, Italy, Japan, Nigeria, Norway, New Zealand, and Poland. , Czech Republic and Singapore.

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