Music taste can point to personality traits, research says

Estudo mostra que o gosto musical pode estar diretamente ligado a traços de personalidade

Studies show that music taste may be directly linked to personality traits (credit: Bexels)

Music taste can be directly linked to personality traits. This is the result of a study conducted by the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom.

According to the researchers, each person’s musical taste is enough to point out some personality traits. The study was published in the journal Personality and Social Psychology and defines 23 styles of music. Volunteers from 53 countries completed the personality questionnaire and described their taste in each type of sound.

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According to Metropolis, music genres are divided into five groups. “Soft” (contemporary music with soft rock, R&B and romantic lyrics and slow sounds), “Intense” (Classic rock, punk, heavy metal and power pop), “Contemporary” (electronic music, rap, Latin and Euro-pop) ), “Sophisticated” (classical, opera and jazz) and “beautiful” (sober and folk music).

Researchers have found that outsiders prefer “contemporary” type songs, while more organized and loving individuals prefer “irregular” group songs. Curious and pessimistic people seem to listen to very “serious” music.

According to David Greenberg, the lead author of the study, Metropolis said, “We were amazed at how much these patterns between music and personality were reflected around the world. People can be divided by geography, language, and culture. It suggests that there will be a bridge.Music helps people understand each other and find common ground.

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