UNESCO has again warned the UK of the possibility of ‘continuing to lose its World Heritage status’.

UK cultural landmarks, such as the famous Stonehenge in Wiltshire County (a structure made up of dense circles of stones 5 meters high and weighing nearly 50 tons), could lose their World Heritage status if the government is “irresponsible”. McTild Rosler, director of the UNESCO World Heritage Center, warned that “growth and preserves historical sites for future generations.” , The UK should be more aware of the international value of places like Stonehenge, “the director stressed.” These are the most significant places we have on earth. If we can’t protect them, my question is: what’s left on this planet?

The warning comes ahead of a landmark High Court ruling on the possibility of building a two-mile tunnel under Stonehenge. If the plan is to move forward, Wiltshire’s famous stone circle must be placed on UNESCO’s ‘dangerous’ list – another humiliating blow to Britain.

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