US and UK launch new strikes on Houthi targets in Yemen

US and UK launch new strikes on Houthi targets in Yemen

The United States launched its eighth wave of airstrikes against Houthi militia targets in Yemen on Monday (22) night, according to the US Department of Defense. The operation was carried out in collaboration with the United Kingdom and received support from Australia, Bahrain, Canada and the Netherlands.

According to an official statement, the strike group's ground weapons targeted areas identified as being associated with a storage platform and aerial surveillance capabilities.

US operations against the rebels began on January 11 in response to a series of Houthi attacks on international and commercial shipping and warships crossing the Red Sea.

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The Defense Department said the precision strikes were aimed at disrupting and degrading capabilities the Houthis use to threaten global trade and the lives of innocent sailors.

The activities of the insurgents were characterized as illegal, dangerous and destabilizing. The US cited anti-ship missile and drone strikes that hit two US-owned merchant ships.

“Our goal is to calm tensions and restore stability in the Red Sea, but we reiterate our warning to the Houthi leadership: We will not hesitate to protect lives and the free flow of trade in one of the world's most important waterways from ongoing threats,” the Defense Department statement said.

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