UK to inquire about discrimination in iPhone update program –

UK to inquire about discrimination in iPhone update program –

English Bank Financial Ombudsman That opened an investigation Apple Or your partner bank in the UK, The Barclays, To discriminate against customers with severe disabilities under the upgrade program offered in the country.

The complaint was registered Colin Hughes, A four-legged iPhone user who can’t meet the need to visit one of Apple’s stores in person to decide whether to join the iPhone update program or renew the contract.

According to Determined 9to5Mac, Hughes raised the matter for the first time in 2019, but said the company could do nothing.

I got nothing on the phone, but by email, Apple told me: “Barclays need to come to a store to sign an upgrade project contract.” The technology company did not provide me with alternative ways to access the program. I was informed that there were no exceptions and that it was only available in the store.

After Hughes went to the media, Apple negotiated with him. However, last year the situation was repeated. Although Cupertino made the major renewal possible, they insisted he sign a pact, concluding a contract and agreeing that the exemption would not be granted again this year.

However, UK law requires “reasonable changes” with respect to companies, with precisely no discrimination against those with any kind of disability.

Hughes said he suggested easy ways for Apple or Barclays to do the work, such as signing documents and sending your ID by mail or from a caretaker. Apple rejected all options.

The Financial Ombudsman confirmed that the complaint meets the requirements and justifies the investigation. Neither Apple nor Barclays Bank have taken a stand on the case. We will have to wait for this story to come out.

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