UK sets up international task force to catch US hitman

UK sets up international task force to catch US hitman

Aimee Betro is hired to kill the owner of a clothing store in a European country

16 June
– 11:22 am

(Updated at 3:14 PM)

American Aimee Pedro was accused of being a hired killer

American Aimee Pedro was accused of being a hired killer

Photo: Reproduction/Facebook

An international operation was launched to nab 44-year-old hitman Aimee Pedro. Born in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. to usThe accused went to United Kingdom to kill the owner of a clothes shop in England.

Recruited by two men in 2019, Aimee entered the European country using a hijab (Islamic headscarf) as a disguise. This week she spoke to a friend from her hometown on Facebook. “what are you doing?” asked the friend. “I don't even know where to start with all the misinformation being said about me. It's a stupid show,” Hitman responded.

The friend, who has not been identified, asked if there was anything she could do to “help” and said she was “happy” to know the accused was “okay”.

“I don't think there's anything you can do to help, but I really appreciate you reaching out,” replied Aimee, who quickly ended the conversation with someone. Emoji With a red heart.

“She uses her phone every day and takes photos from her apartment window Snapchat with people all the time,” the friend told local reporters. “If the police really wanted to catch her, they would have already caught her because Aimee was using the phone a lot,” he said. “Aimee didn't tell her. Did not participate in it. She recognizes what she is involved in and everything. She says some details are not correct”, said the friend.

Jean Johnson, the hired killer's mother, asked her daughter to “turn herself in” to the police. The two have not met in person for five years. “I want her to do it because she will run out of places to hide,” the 62-year-old told the newspaper. TeamsFrom London, last Thursday, the 13th.

“She has nowhere else to go, and now that there's an international manhunt, she can't fly anywhere,” he said.

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