UK sees signs of declining number of Omigran infections in one part of the country | National Magazine

UK sees signs of declining number of Omigran infections in one part of the country |  National Magazine

In the UK, statistics show that the Omigron eruption has entered a declining phase.

The British Health Minister acknowledges that hospitals are under pressure, but sees what he calls “encouraging signs” of a drop in epidemics. The peak of Omigron pollution was on January 5th and it seems to be lagging behind. The volume of daily cases is still high, but the trend is clearly downward.

As of this Friday (14), the number of new daily cases has dropped to less than 100,000 since December 21st. The government already plans to suspend the requirement for vaccination certification to enter certain locations in January.

As the situation improved, France had already relaxed the rules for immigrants from the United Kingdom. There is no need to give a special reason for the trip. A British man bought a ticket when the rule was lifted. He is happy to go to France to ski with friends and enjoy wine.

This early recovery prompted the Prime Minister of Wales, one of the developing nations of the United Kingdom, to announce the easing of restrictions over the next two weeks. The return of the public to sporting events in open environments such as rugby matches is one of the first steps. Thanks to the success of the booster dose campaign, the local government says it can look to the future with greater confidence.

On November 24, 2021, infections began to increase. 23 days after the peak, on December 17th. Since then, the pollution rate has dropped dramatically. Within a month, it had dropped by almost 75%.

Of course, this math will not be repeated in all countries; It depends on many factors and actions. But our new stress gives us an idea of ​​how long it will last.

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