The company that promised to compete with Uber Eats in the UK has disappeared after token sales

Falsa empresa fez forte campanha nas redes sociais (Foto: Reprodução/TikTok)

Days after the Government of England Claim to be frauds This year involving cryptocurrencies is already 30% higher than 2020, and a new conspiracy has hit the country hard.

As shown in the report Sub, A fake company called CryptoEats promoted its launch a few weeks ago by influencers on social media and major media.

Fraud Extended: The criminals even did an event with influence, in which bicycles with the opening logo were exposed. In addition, they made use of influencers to make clothing and bags with the company’s brand and give more legitimacy to the project.

The fake company said it had raised $ 8 million in a Series A investment round and that its idea was to compete with UberEats by allowing customers to pay for food in cryptocurrencies.

The Scorpio Studio YouTube Channel has collected the most revelations ever revealed by the company’s influencers:

Colby Accounting uses currencies

The press release was published by a traditional tool (Globnewswire) and published by Yahoo Port. The text states that the founder of the startup is called Wade Phillips and that the company has already formed a partnership with McDonald’s.

One of the differences is the treatment of workers. He said cryptocurrencies provide a fixed salary and have a pension fund for workers.

Now, all the signs are that there is no one called Wade Phillips and that it is a smoke balloon.

Blockchain logs Shortly after the token was introduced, CryptoEats’ developer account exchanged $ 500,000 worth of accounting currency for various wallets. Instagram, Telegram and website deleted.

Extensive punch

Among the influential people who publicized the conspiracy was The DJ Charlie Sloth (One Million Followers on Instagram) and Personal Trainer ”hstikkytokky”(387,000 followers on Dictok).

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The offenders even held a launch event for the brand, putting bicycles outside with the company logo. This is one of the reasons why DJ Charlie Slot is so incredible when he sees that everything is fraudulent.

“They paid me to make an advertising video for their food use, not cryptocurrency. I was invited to their show, they had all the delivery bikes out. It’s disgusting for people to trick others into taking their hard-earned money,” Sloth said on his Instagram on Monday (19).

Below is a post on Twitter recording the speech of DJ Charlie Sloth:

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