UK regulators are investigating Floki Inu ads in London

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The UK Advertising Standards Commission (or ASA) is investigating cryptocurrency FLOKI Inu ads that have appeared in the London Underground in recent weeks. Defender.

“Although I cannot give details at the moment, I can confirm that we are investigating Flocky Inu,” an official spokesman said.

The news of the ASA investigation comes a few days after Green Party London legislator Sean Perry. To ask Crypto ads banned on London public transport due to the Flocky Inu campaign.

“I do not believe that ads for cryptocurrencies should appear on the traffic network. This is unethical, ”he said.


Questionable Flocky Inu’s advertisement is not limited to the London Underground City bus.

“Didn’t you buy the DOGE? Buy Flockie, ”the ad says, attracting investors who feel they have missed the opportunity to monetize the impressive rise in Dogecoin prices this year.

“It’s completely uncontrollable and you’ll lose your money ‘Where does the ad say? People may be skeptical,” Perry added.

The ASA investigation is not surprising. The Advertising Supervisor has previously acted harshly on other ads related to crypto.

ASA and Crypto

This has been a busy year for ASA in terms of crypto advertising.

In March, the supervisor took drastic action to promote the crypto company Coinfloor.IrresponsiblyBitcoin (BTC) is an investment for retirees. Two months later, Prohibited Another campaign launched by crypto broker Luno.

“If you’ve seen Bitcoin in the subway, it’s time to buy it,” the Luno campaign said.

In July, Miles Lockwood, director of ASA’s Complaints and Inquiries, published a crypto ad.Absolutely important and priority area“To the supervisor.

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ASA’s position is very similar to that of the Financial Conduct Authority (or FCA), the country’s financial regulator, which has repeatedly warned investors to “be prepared to lose everything” if they invest in cryptocurrencies.

Translated and edited with the permission of Danila Pereira do Nacimento

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