British minister resigns after anti-immigration deal – 12/06/2023 – World

British minister resigns after anti-immigration deal – 12/06/2023 – World

British Immigration Minister Robert Jenrick resigned on Wednesday (6) in protest over a new deal between the UK and Rwanda to deport irregular migrants. According to the politician, the agreement signed between the parties is not enough to control the migration crisis in the European country.

The resignation increases pressure on British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s government, whose main goal when taking office was to tackle the country’s growing number of illegal immigrants. The plan to deport people in irregular circumstances is piling up a backlash.

“It is with great regret that I have written to the Prime Minister to resign as Minister of Immigration. I cannot continue in my position as I deeply disagree with the direction of the Government’s immigration policy,” Jenrick wrote on Platform X.

In a resignation letter sent to the prime minister, Jenrick said the government offered one of its last chances to address the migration crisis before elections scheduled for next year. He amended the law to go further to limit the role of national and international courts in government decisions.

Earlier in the day, the United Kingdom and Rwanda signed a new agreement in a bid to revive the British government’s controversial plan to relocate the African nation. The new deal was sealed after the European country’s courts blocked an earlier plan.

The plan in question involves sending illegal asylum seekers to Rwanda, the African country with the 160th worst human development index in the world, so they can wait for their applications to be processed there.

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The British High Court ruled last month that more guarantees are needed that those sent to Rwanda will not be returned to their home country, which would violate international treaties, including the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR). .

The new format agreed between the countries provides for the creation of a joint court in Kigali with Rwandan and British judges to guarantee the protection of migrants and the expulsion of any nationals sent to the country.

The British government’s intention was to stop the thousands of immigrants who arrived illegally on its shores through the English Channel. 47,555 in 2022, a record. However, according to Jenrick, the proposal is not enough to contain the crisis.

“The government has a responsibility to put our core national interests above the most controversial interpretations of international law,” he said in a letter to Sunak. “I can’t bring the legislation as proposed at the moment [Câmara dos] Common because I don’t believe it gives us the best chance of success.”

A close political ally of Jenrik Sunak. In 2019, the two co-authored an op-ed with now-Deputy Prime Minister Oliver Dowden endorsing Boris Johnson as leader of the Conservative Party.

A Member of Parliament since 2014, Jenrick has served as junior minister for health and finance, as well as secretary for housing, communities and local government.

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