UK Pays Influencers To Tell Migrants “Don't Come” | Immigration

UK Pays Influencers To Tell Migrants “Don't Come” |  Immigration

The UK Home Office is preparing a campaign that includes recruitment InfluencersMusicians, comedians, and other public figures have made progress through videos posted on TikTok to prevent immigrants from entering the country. The TimesCiting official documents.

According to the same newspaper, this is not the first time the British government has used social media to keep out migrants. Over the past three years, visitors from Belgium, France and Albania who cross the English Channel illegally into the country have been targeted.

Now, British Home Secretary James Wise has decided to spread the message to Vietnam, Egypt and Iraq. Turkey and India are planned to be added to these.

The campaign cost one million euros and according to EuronewsCiting the same documents, The Influencers Since 2018, videos of dangerous crossings in small boats across the English Channel in which at least 64 people have died have been posted on TikTok and other networks.

you Influencers Contractors should also warn migrants of the risk of deportation to Rwanda if they do not have documents.

The list of public figures to be recruited is still being prepared. For now, it is known that it is planned to pay 666 thousand euros InfluencersEach person is expected to receive up to five thousand pounds (5,843 euros), writes the same agency.

In response, the British Home Office said documents to that effect The Times Access timed out and rejected the specified values. However, he said he was considering expanding his anti-illegal immigration campaigns on social media to countries such as Vietnam and Egypt, and acknowledged the participation of well-known figures.

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“People smugglers often use social media to spread lies and promote crime, and it is vital that we use the same platforms to inform migrants about the facts surrounding Channel crossings and illegal arrivals in the UK,” he said. Not disclosed.

“The tireless action we led reduced crossings by 36% last year [em relação a 2018]It recorded similar conditions in 2022. “We make no apologies for stopping the boats and using all means necessary to save lives,” he added.

30 thousand euros for Meta to run anti-immigration ads

According to DeputyThe Home Office has already hired a marketing firm called Multicultural Marketing Consultancy, however, to add names to the list and hire them.

The videos will not contain the British Government logo. Still, it highlights siteFor “transparency reasons” the Influencers They should expose their connection with the ministry.

oh The Independent He also writes that for years, the country has been fighting against the entry of migrants, and in 2016, the Ministry of the Interior awarded a company in Hong Kong 2.3 million euros to warn people in Africa. Dangers of boat crossings with “awareness campaign” against immigration to UK.

More recently, between January 2021 and September 2022, the same department handed over at least 30 thousand euros to Meta (the company that owns Facebook and Instagram) so that it can show ads targeting people living in the north of France and Belgium. About traveling on migrant boats.

Official figures indicate that 100,000 migrants have arrived in the UK by small boats since 2018. In recent years, the number has declined, but by 2023, 30,000 will enter the country.

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