The UK hopeful organization says both Google and Apple are working together

The UK hopeful organization says both Google and Apple are working together

The United Kingdom Commission on Competition and Markets (CMA) said Apple It Google Creates bisexuals with anti-competitive practices in some markets.

An investigation has concluded that the two companies are taking joint action to undermine competitors in operating systems, app stores and app stores, according to the British trust. Web browsers on mobile devices.

“Without interventions, both companies have the opportunity to maintain and strengthen their dominance, and control competition and incentives for innovators,” says an excerpt from the CMA report.

Element It also highlighted restrictions on third-party cloud gaming platforms in the App Store and limitations on the use of browsers on iPhones and iPods. According to the authority, 97% of total mobile web browsing in the UK Last year it was through Apple or Google mechanisms.

“No matter how good their many services and products are, their tight grip on mobile ecosystems precludes competitors, stifles the UK technology sector and restricts selection,” said CMA Chief Executive Andrea Kozelli.

The CMA is conducting another comprehensive investigation into the terms and conditions that Apple imposes on developers, but has not yet released preliminary results.

Finally, the company made it clear in its investigation that Apple and Google could modify their practices in the region, but this will only happen after consultation with the inquiry note proposal, which ends on July 22nd.

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