UK liberalizes trade with New Zealand with ‘target’ Indo-Pacific

UK liberalizes trade with New Zealand with 'target' Indo-Pacific

The agreement was reinforced during a telephone conference between British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his New Zealand counterpart Jacinda Ardern after 16 months of negotiations.

Although trade with New Zealand represents only 0.2% of Britain’s international trade, London hopes this agreement will open the door to membership in the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which includes, among other countries, Japan, Canada and Vietnam.

This is a major trade agreement for the United Kingdom, cementing our longstanding friendship with New Zealand and strengthening our relations with the Indo-Pacific.Johnson said.

For his part, Arden said the deal was among the best New Zealand had ever achieved and would stimulate the economy by making more sales of wine, butter, cheese and meat available.

Officials in London highlighted the benefits of the deal, which will make goods such as wine, honey and kiwi cheaper for the British.

But British farmers have already expressed concern, saying that this agreement, along with the one signed with Australia earlier this year, means greater quantities of imported food, at a time when many British farmers are already suffering from a labor shortage. and higher costs.

This could jeopardize the viability of many British farmers in the coming years, at the expense of residents, who want more British produce on the shelves, and our rural communities and manicured landscapes.The head of the British Farmers’ Federation, Minute Butters, said.

Johnson’s Conservative government has sought to negotiate trade deals with several countries to seek to stimulate economic growth after Britain leaves the European Union.

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