UK High Court criminalises praying and reading the Bible near abortion clinics

UK High Court criminalises praying and reading the Bible near abortion clinics

The UK High Court has agreed to criminalize activities such as prayer and recitation The Bible Near an abortion clinic in Bournemouth.

Christian Concern and the 40 Days for Life Bournemouth volunteer challenged the validity of the buffer zone imposed by Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council in October. Restrictions extend to public spaces and private residences, raising concerns about freedom of expression. Andrea Williams of Christian Concern announced that she will appeal the decision, stressing the importance of pro-life support near abortion clinics.

“Freedom to pray quietly in public is fundamental. As volunteers, we will never do anything that causes intimidation and harassment. Baseless accusations were used to discredit our humanitarian efforts,” said volunteer Livia Tosisi-Bold.

The legal challenge alleged that the law went beyond what was allowed by law, was imposed illegally after public consultation and expanded police powers. Andrea Williams urged the government to avoid introducing repressive buffer zones in the UK, highlighting the negative impact on abortion alternatives and the importance of live evidence closer to clinics.

“Silent witnessing near abortion centers is helping many women in crisis pregnancies, offering real choice in providing support. Regardless of what the guidelines or the law says, arresting peaceful pro-lifers in these areas clearly violates their human rights,” Williams said.

“The measures introduced by Bournemouth Council are worrying because they prevent access to alternatives to abortion. With groups like 40 Days for Life outside clinics we see women choosing life for their babies. Following the introduction of the postal pill in home abortions, support for women outside abortion clinics is left to those who are powerless and forced to have an abortion. One of the few lifelines.

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“The oppressive part of today’s culture is the buffer zones that force consent and silence dissent. The most painful thing of all is that we are actually talking about human lives.

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