The most important Brazilian state in Minas Gerais COP26 is the UK Embassy – Radio Station

The most important Brazilian state in Minas Gerais COP26 is the UK Embassy - Radio Station
Photo: Minas Government / Revelation

Minas Gerais is the state of Brazil, the most important country in COP26 and the most important country in Latin America for Brazil, the United Kingdom. Lucas Brown, the United Kingdom’s ambassador to Belo Horizonte, Glasgow, Scotland, was assessed this Monday (8) by Lucas Brown, who participates in COP26, which discusses climate change at the United Nations (UN).

Brown met with Governor Romeo Jemma during a meeting with representatives of London-based financial institutions. Before coming to the conference, GEMA had a meeting schedule with the British government and investors in London. The government must sign an investment protocol with the Anglo-American Mining Company.

In an interview with Italia reporter Edeline Lopez in Scotland following the discussion, the British ambassador said that Minas Gerais was an attractive place for businesses. “This is a very opportune moment for Minas Gerais. It has always been important in the political arena, but today I see the new ambition of the miners, especially as Minas Gerais will continue to be attractive to heavy industries such as mining and steel in the economy. Many British investors in these fields are also in Minas Gerais. All G20 The UK has formalized the decarbonization plan of the countries, “he said.

Brown also points out that Minas Gerais is already a very attractive Brazilian state to invest in solar energy. “We hope this change will attract investment, create hundreds of thousands of jobs and create a prosperous economy, and Minas Gerais already understands that, for example, in Brazil it has already become a very attractive state in terms of solar energy. Towards the economy, for example, energy saving, investing in wind power, the UK is a global leader in overseas wind and looking forward to future technologies with green hydrogen, Minas Gerais has the opportunity to pioneer these opportunities in Brazil, ”he pointed out.

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