UK departure from EU worsens SEF staffing in Madras – DNOTICIAS.PT

UK departure from EU worsens SEF staffing in Madras - DNOTICIAS.PT

The new director of the Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF), Cesar Inacio, this morning, after an observation with a Republican representative at the Palace of Sவோo Lorenko, agreed that this police station in Madeira was only to control human resources. The normal movement of foreigners entering and leaving the archipelago and the process of UK exit from Brexit have complicated this task due to the demand for control of the respective citizens.

The researcher explained that the year 2020 will be “different” due to the decline in foreign migration due to the epidemic. But now it is back to normal. “I can’t lie about the conditions, the frequency of flights and cruises in the post-epidemic moment. [os recursos humanos]
Caesar Inazio acknowledged that “Brexit also brought about significant changes in the control model of British citizenship.” “This will require a different response from us, different control times, more human resources,” the SEF director said, noting that “often researchers are lacking”. In this regard, he pointed to the example of Porto Santo, which receives flights from the United Kingdom and employs only three staff.

At this meeting, the representative of the Republic, Irene Barreto, will visit the SEF services in Madeira and thank him for the work he has done during the most requested months of epidemics, as he has already done for the BSP, GNR and maritime police.

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