UK considers Venezuela's military maneuvers 'unjustified' | World and Science

UK considers Venezuela's military maneuvers 'unjustified' |  World and Science
HMS Trent was sent to Guyana by the United Kingdom in the wake of a dispute with Venezuela over Essequibo.Reproduction/The Guardian

Published 12/29/2023 10:13

The United Kingdom has condemned Venezuela's “unreasonable” moves to carry out military exercises in response to the arrival of a British warship in Guyana, amid a centuries-old dispute over the Essequibo territory.

“Venezuela's actions against Guyana are unjustified and must stop,” a spokesperson for the British government announced this Friday the 29th. “We are working with our partners in the region to avoid escalation and we are closely monitoring the situation”, he added.

Tensions rose between Caracas and Georgetown following Guyana's September opening of oil tenders in the disputed waters, followed by a Dec. 3 referendum in Venezuela on Essequibo's sovereignty.

About 125,000 people, one-fifth of Guyana's population, live in Essequibo, which covers two-thirds of the country's land area. The United Kingdom, in support of its former colony, sent the ship “HMS Trent”, which was already stationed on duty in the Caribbean, to the location.

The British government said the ship would arrive off the coast of Guyana on Friday for “continued routine engagements in the region”.

In “response to provocation” by the United Kingdom, Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro launched a series of military exercises involving 5,682 fighters on Thursday, the 28th, in front of disputed waters with Guyana.

“The boundary between the two countries was established by international arbitration in 1899 and we continue to support the territorial integrity of Guyana, an important regional ally and partner of the Commonwealth”, an organization consisting mainly of former British colonies, declared. British Government.


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