Enigmatic Roman dodecahedron discovered in England

Enigmatic Roman dodecahedron discovered in England

An object still unusable today was discovered by amateur archaeologists near the village of Norton Disney in Lincolnshire, England.

Recently, a team of amateur archaeologists made the discovery during excavations in a nearby farmer's field. Norton Disney Village in Lincolnshire, England, a curious Roman dodecahedron. This type of object has already been found in other parts of Europe, but it continues to intrigue the archaeological community as its purpose is still unclear.

+ The Roman Dodecahedron: Discover one of the greatest mysteries in archaeology

According to LiveScience, a previous geophysical survey at the site revealed what appeared to many to be a well. Also, other artefacts associated with the Romans were already found in the same field, such as coins and brooches, which further encouraged the excavations. Richard ParkerSecretary Norton Disney History and Archeology GroupFound by a local volunteer organization.

“It was the final day of excavation and this dodecahedron appeared in trench four,” he says. Parker Direct science. “We were totally surprised by this. We didn't get many [sinais] Metal at the time, but suddenly it was there.”

To the surprise of many of the archaeologists involved in the discovery, the dodecahedron was found complete, which is cause for celebration considering the large number of objects of this type found severely damaged or fragmented. Also, he Considered relatively large – Although found to be close to the size of some golf balls, it is about the size of an orange.

Roman Dodecahedron / Credit: Disclosure/Norton Disney History and Archeology Group

Ancient Roman field

Another standout find is this dodecahedron, excavated near Norton Disney. One of the few found in its own archaeological contextpointed out Parker. Many were found across Europe by metal detectors and later handed over to the authorities.

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The excavations that led to the latest discovery ended the day after the discovery, but now the team is trying to get more funding to return to the site next summer, which takes place between June and August.

+ The discovery shows that the Romans produced wine in England 2 thousand years ago

Apart from Roman-related artefacts, archaeologists also discovered near the village Other Iron Age ArtifactsYet the area predates Roman rule, and hundreds of Roman pottery from the 2nd and 3rd centuries, not to mention the remains of an ancient Roman villa.

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