UK Conservative Party suspends MP for viewing pornography in Parliament | The world

UK Conservative Party suspends MP for viewing pornography in Parliament |  The world

UK MP Neil Parish has been suspended from the Conservative Party of which he is a member for being caught watching pornography on his smartphone inside parliament.

He has been in the legislature since 2010. Neil Paris presented himself for decision-making in a parliamentary committee.

The parish was suspended from its own party until a decision was made by parliament.

  • British MP, saw pornography in parliament, newspapers say; The Conservative Party is investigating

He said he was cooperating with the investigation and declined to provide further information about the case.

“Of course I understand their concern and I can apologize for the situation,” he said.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson, a party colleague in the parish, said it was unacceptable to view pornography in any work environment.

Johnson faces crisis for hosting party during Govt-19 epidemic

Boris Johnson has apologized to the British Parliament for being involved in the party during the lockout

According to British newspapers, the initial allegation came during a meeting of Conservative lawmakers on Tuesday night, in which lawmakers shared accounts of arrogance and harassment by their colleagues.

According to the Sunday Times, 56 lawmakers are facing allegations of sexual harassment and have been reported to the House Monitoring Committee.

“This behavior is not unusual. It is corporate misogyny,” Labor MP Nadia Vittom said on her social media account.

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