The Consumer Protection Secretariat disposes of 80 kilograms of food in Al Barra restaurants Rio de Janeiro

The Consumer Protection Secretariat disposes of 80 kilograms of food in Al Barra restaurants  Rio de Janeiro
Many items in the kitchens were deemed inappropriateReproduction

Published 05/08/2024 at 15:43 | Updated on 05/08/2024 at 16:20

Rio – Rio's State Secretariat for Consumer Protection (Sedcon) confiscated and disposed of 80 kg of unfit for consumption food at two restaurants in Barra da Tijuca, the western region of Rio. The establishments inspected last Monday (6) were the Gran Parrilla steakhouse and the Toca da Traíra fish house.


In Gran Barilla, 50 kilograms of unsuitable food were identified, while another 30 kilograms of products were disposed of in Toca da Traera. Among the items are cheese, potatoes, cassava, fried chicken, Cuban rice, brown rice, fried onions, sausage and farofa. Grocery items were found to be past their expiration date.

The state's Minister of Consumer Protection, Guttemberg Fonseka, explained that during inspections, all food that is past its expiration date, spoiled or does not bear a mark indicating its expiration date is discarded. “Consumers cannot be left at risk of eating inappropriate food. We are increasingly receiving complaints through our service channels,” Gutemberg stressed.

In the case of throwing away 80 kg of food, it was a routine procedure. “Our agents do this every day. Through the Educa Consumidor program, we visited many institutions and found many violations,” he added. The ministry reported that it seized and disposed of tons of expired or unfit for consumption food items in several establishments in the state this year alone.

The Educa Consumidor Program aims to encourage good practices in consumer relations. The Ministry informed that in cases of flagrant violations of consumer protection rules, administrative measures are taken, which can end in penalties such as warnings, fines, bans, etc.

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For consumers, Sedcon's main guidance is to report when there is any suspicion of wrongdoing. The Secretariat channels are WhatsApp (21) 99336-4848, phone 0800-2020143 and email at [email protected].

today She sent requests for clarification and positioning to restaurants, but had not received any response as of publishing this text.

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