UK bans beauty filters for ‘influencers’ on Instagram

The deceptive fantasy is over. It does not pretend that a cosmetic works wonders more than its qualities. After all, brands tend to shy away from facing their excessive actions Influencers Presented by cheating photos based on filters. At least it’s over in the UK. The Advertising Standards Commission (ASA) is a British advertising self-police body. This does not preclude ‘deceptive’ beauty filters among private users. Yes it does in one case Influence Whether a cosmetic brand is funded or not, as long as that brand can benefit from it ‘False advertising‘For example, reposting it. In case of breach of it, the company advises that it should withdraw it.

Paradoxically, this effort did not come from those who wanted to see a fair game in advertising (and marketing). Influencers It is still an advanced form of advertising). The trigger was a user, Sasha Ballari, creator of the #filterdrop campaign (Removes filters). I felt some Influencers Use several filters on his skin to clear pores and grains and subdue a structure worthy of Snow White, he voiced his condemnation of this excess. Especially against the Paris filter, which has the ability to leave the skin soft and unreal.

Do not be deceived or fooled by them

Purari warned other users, Pointed out Influencers They use less than they are scammers and brands to allow themselves to be deceived by others. Creating a big lie Adolescents under great pressure to feel comfortable with their skin Or with their appearance because their appearances are unreal. Then he moved on: he transferred his concern to the ASA. Half a year later, after exchanging long emails, the body took action on the matter. The first obstacles fell on both Stories From Influencers To Skinny Dawn Ltd. and the oncologist. In both, the abuse came from the Perfect Tone filter, which, in addition to tanning, provides an airbrush effect.

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Ballari’s successful response to knowing the resolution could not be even stronger: “Nothing happens if you do not dare go out on the networks without make – up, nothing happens if you do not appear without your favorite lights, and nothing happens if you do not go out with a filter. The right thing to do is to trick your audience into spending money on cosmetic products that will not give them the results you believe in. Stop filtering your skin to sell ”. In another post he says, “You are not comfortable showing off your bare skin, but if you want to benefit from advertising, dedicate yourself to selling bicycles.”

Strange Spanish case

Spain is different Even for things Influencers. “In Spain we are still light years away Because no Influencers Beauty is perfect. At least not at the English level, ”said Juana Fernandez Bina General and awkward (Corrodes Agency or Papillis). “We can distinguish three types Influencers. Most recent Pharmacists or Dermatologists. If paid for on their own initiative or by brands, they test products and comment on their results Followers. They start with the power of their profession and do not use beauty filters, which will accurately show results with total realism. The second group Influencers Generalists. This profile – type Maria Pambo – sells her image and, through her, they promote many brands. They take a photo and everything fits in there: pants from one brand, bag from another brand, hotel, car and casual lipstick. They care more about your global image than how the product looks. Therefore, the use of excess filters, even if they are, is controlled. There is a third category: Experts in the field Beauty, As makeup artists or hairdressers. In that case, the important thing is that what they say about the product is not the photo itself. In fact, photography can be ugly because what your followers want is the true opinion of someone in the field. There is no point in using beauty filters ”. Makeup artist Natalia Belda belongs to this third group.

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Instead of banning, practice

‘Anything Goes’ has been around for years in the UK and has become the largest digital genre film, In Spain they prefer soft reality despite the nuances (Filters as yes, but without leaving the hand). The Influencers And they know what it brings Like Hang a beautiful photo in an incomparable setting and with sunset light.

There is no regulation yet regarding marketing Influencers. Solo Good training and suggestions for awareness from sponsors. David Caballero, director of the company Back up (Collaborator with Maybelline, L’Oreal Paris and Nike) Agree Brands and agencies in Spain closely monitor upload content on their own networks Influencers. “It is common for them to request by contract to verify the content before publishing it. If they see it as too artificial, they will not recognize it because it is endangering their own image. That’s why we don’t find those stories with exaggerated beauty filters commonly found among English women in Spain. Here they are shouting at us ”. It also recognizes that in the absence of digital filters, there is a pre-selection Influence A product that is tailored to the interests of the brand or to be advertised. “Normal Choose a young and beautiful girl, It does not have many skin problems ”.

Ultimately they are the fact that not all member states have a standard legal framework Brands that impose their ‘recommendations’ in the same direction for all countries. In this way, the image of the lipstick is identical in Spain, Italy or Sweden. Many times they choose ‘Cut and Paste’: the brand gives them the text to put on each post on Instagram, and with specific slogans on how the photo should look. So that’s all Influencers This side of the Pyrenees is very suspiciously similar. With or without filters Beauty.

Advertising and beauty filters, thin red line

Director Stephanie Milla Contact Alem (They work with companies like Sebora and Kerlin …) Insists that there are no regulatory regulations in Spain Influencers Paid for cosmetic brands. Beauty filters are very scarce. “Blanca Suarez usually adds Hashtag #Bubbly or #ad when doing something for Kerline. But it is not mandatory. I tell you that too Mobile cameras already allow filters to be installed before uploading photos on Instagram. We have celebrity cases Meet and greet With them Followers They don’t take pictures with anyone other than their camera. ”

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The question that remains in the air is whether they plan to do anything about it from the big social networks. After all, content that misleads millions every day from its pages. At the request of the BBC, those in charge of Instagram decided not to comment. Nick Bilton may have pointed out in the documentary Fake is popular, They are also interested in that transport. Whether you value the truth or not, the whole truth is nothing but the truth.

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