UK authorities want to stop breeding

UK authorities want to stop breeding

The French Bulldog is one of the most popular breeds in the United States and the United Kingdom. However, animal health experts have released new guidelines for breed standards. Steps must be taken to prevent damage to livestock.

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The announcement was made by the Kennel Club, a UK dog training and welfare group. According to Kennel, bulldogs with flat noses and swollen eyes are no longer considered acceptable breeds.

French Bulldog

Under the new ethnic guidelines, the amendments have a more defined muzzle, which is found in the profile. Also, the nostrils should be open to be visible. Breeding standards are often revised in an effort to improve animal health.

According to the Kennel Club, this is a way to control body overload. Physical characteristics of the French Bulldog are one of the most preferred breeds in the UK. Nonetheless, the flat face causes respiratory problems for the species.

As a result of their physical characteristics, animals have problems with their teeth and eyes. In addition to skin diseases due to the short way of bulldogs. According to animal health experts, breeding problems are a result of the irresponsibility of breeders.

In addition, the French Bulldog may have difficulty breathing as the breed becomes more obese as it performs certain physical functions. What shortens the lifespan of animals of this species.

This is because appearance works to attract more and more attention from buyers, often setting aside the important thing that is the health of the animal. Therefore, as a way of encouraging growers, buyers are responsible for not looking for such exaggerated features. Furthermore, studies are underway to improve and protect the health of the species.

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