TV said that Trump’s chief of staff worked to nullify the US elections

Donald Trump (Photo: Peter Zay/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

  • TV said that Trump’s chief of staff worked to nullify the US elections

  • Mark Meadows hands his cell phone over to the US House of Representatives, which is investigating the raid on Capitol Hill

  • This information was disclosed on Tuesday (26th) by CNN International

More than 2,300 text messages from the mobile phone of Mark Meadows, former US President Donald Trump’s chief of staff, revealed that Republican supporters and politicians worked behind the scenes to try to nullify the results of the US election – Democrat Joe Biden won the lawsuit. The information was disclosed on Tuesday (26th) by CNN International.

According to US radio, Meadows handed his cell phone over to the US House of Representatives committee investigating the Capitol invasion on January 6 last year. Trump supporters invaded the country’s legislative center to protest the Republican defeat in the election.

The letters reveal that Meadows was at the center of conspiracy theories that unfoundedly claimed that the election had been stolen. Furthermore, records show that he played a major role in attempts to prevent Biden’s victory from being endorsed.

CNN revealed that the documents include messages from members of the Trump family, the White House, campaign officials, Republican Party leaders, the January 6 rally organizers and Fox hosts.

According to US television, the messages show that Trump’s allies were planning to exit so that the then US president would not be held responsible for the Capitol attack.

The text messages obtained by CNN International began on Election Day, November 3, 2020. Former Trump Administration Energy Secretary Rick Perry, and Trump’s son Donald Trump Jr, wrote to Meadows in the following days. November 4 and 5 with ideas to cancel the election results.

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According to CNN International, on November 7, shortly before Biden’s victory was announced, Perry texted Meadows again: “We have data-driven software that can clearly show where fraud was committed.”

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