Travelers will need to take three tests for Covid-19 to enter the UK

Travelers will need to take three tests for Covid-19 to enter the UK

Measures have been tightened to try to contain the entry of new variables into the country, such as South Africa

EFE / EPA / AHMAD YUSNI – 02/02/21The first would be before shipping, originally – as it was mandatory a few months ago

The British government announced, on Tuesday, 8 new rules that tighten entry of foreigners into the country. The island’s borders will not be closed – but it is becoming increasingly difficult for visitors to enter. The new rules specify that a traveler who comes to United kingdom You will have to test negative for COVID-19 at least three times. The first would be before boarding, originally – as it was mandatory a few months ago. The novelty is that when you reach the Great BritainOn the second and eighth day of isolation, two more tests for Covid-19 must be taken.

Entering the UK must face 10 days of mandatory isolation and the costs of tests during this period will be paid for by the traveler. Each such test in London, for example, costs about 150 pounds – or just over 1,000 BRL. From the 15th onwards, travelers from the so-called red list will have stricter rules. UK residents who have been through places like Brazil e South Africa They will have to be isolated for 10 days in official government hotels. The person will not be able to leave the room during isolation and the accommodation will be supervised.

The measure attempts to contain the entry of new variants into the country – especially after news that the Oxford vaccine has significantly reduced its effectiveness against the South African variant. The British are doing their best with their vaccination campaign: about 12.5 million people have already been vaccinated. This means that the country is close to surpassing the target of distributing the first dose of anti-Covid-19 to the four priority groups at risk by February 15. But the main vaccine in the country is precisely the one that it produces AstraZeneca So the South African alternative has been a huge risk to this entire effort in recent months.

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