Top 3 UK stocks undervalued to own in June 2024 — TradingView News

Top 3 UK stocks undervalued to own in June 2024 — TradingView News


The FTSE 100 is currently down around 3.5% since its first year last month. But there are a handful of UK stocks trading at very attractive discounts at the time of writing. Here is a list of the top three places you should consider owning in 2024.

Easyjet plc EZJ

EasyJet is down more than 20% since its year-to-date, making easyJet the least valuable UK stock this year on its own.

With management committed to reducing net debt and improving the overall balance sheet, EZJ stock could be a good pick to write about and signs that its strategy is working are already evident.

EasyJet will benefit as the airline improves its passenger capacity in the coming months.

The London-listed company also currently pays a 1.0% dividend, making it even more attractive in 2024.

Centrica plc C.N.A

Centrica is among the UK's most undervalued stocks, having fallen more than 15% since its year-to-date in early January.

Holding shares in the multinational is well worth it, not only because it is a leading energy and utilities company in the UK, but also because it has significant subsidiaries including Dyno, British Gas and PH Jones for a wide range of services such as heating, plumbing and drainage.

$CNA ended 2023 with £2.2 billion of free cash flow, demonstrating the strength of its financial position.

Also, a healthy dividend yield of 3.02% serves as the icing on the cake, making Centrica shares ideal for those interested in undervalued UK stocks.

Reckitt Benckiser Group Plc R.K.T

Reckitt shares are currently valued at more than 40% of UK listed names on a discounted cash flow basis.

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The consumer products giant has come under pressure since a US court ordered it to pay $60 million to the mother of a premature baby who allegedly died from Enfamil.

But $RKT is confident in the safety of its products and has therefore appealed the aforementioned ruling, which if successful could remove the long-pending issue over Reckitt's stock.

Reckitt said in April that solid demand for Tetal and Lysol helped it beat expectations for comparable sales growth in the fiscal first quarter. However, $RKT does not pay written dividends.

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