Thomas Mane. “Are we ready to reject the dirty money of Russian cryptocurrencies? I doubt it” – observer

Thomas Mane.  "Are we ready to reject the dirty money of Russian cryptocurrencies? I doubt it" - observer

The authors of the report make it clear that “the UK has a problem with cryptocurrency.” Russia, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan are some of the countries where these oligarchy originated, with millions investing in London. There are often It is suspected that money has been diverted from national budgets, but is already being “washed out” for the UK Coastal. The current system, Mane considers, is not effective: “If facilitators feel that they will never be arrested for breaking the law, what is the incentive to reject this dirty money?” He asks.

The majority are not in the shadows. After many years in the UK, many of these oligarchs acquire British citizenship and become influential members of society. Evgeny Lepadev, the son of a former KGB spy, is one of the most famous cases: the owner of the newspaper (Evening Standard), who was close to Prime Minister Boris Johnson and joined the House of Lords in 2020. Others, like Lubov. Chernukin (wife of a former Russian minister) makes unprecedented donations to the parties. To Thomas Manny, a The danger of “political influence” efforts “To Limit the Conservative Party and Government”.

Added to that is a more confusing problem: in a country like England, where defamation laws are the most stringent in the world, saying this would get anyone in trouble for the law. This is the case of journalist Catherine Beldon, who was recently convicted on the complaint of billionaire Roman Abramovich. “If an oligarchy wants to harass someone, he will sue that person,” laments Mane. Money opens all doors, including justice.

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Why did you decide to publish this report now? Many of these issues have already been discussed in the past, including the report of the British Parliament on Russia. What is the reason for not being adequately discussed?
All of us as teachers – the six of us, this is a collaborative effort – have some experience with topics such as kleptocracy and corruption. In a way, those who are familiar with this topic can say that there is nothing very new in the report in terms of cases. I may disagree, but those who know these stories say, “What’s new? Because now? “I have some answers to these questions. Under Boris Johnson’s government, there is no doubt that we have seen less interest in combating corruption, and especially in the case of cryptocurrencies. Second, it goes hand in hand with a surge of interest in the Conservative Party from this dubious capital from the former Soviet Union, and we see more donations to the party.

And by Peter Mandelson [membro do Partido Trabalhista].
Of course yes. And from Schrder in Germany [o ex-chanceler alemão tem cargos em várias empresas de energia russas]. But now I think we see more, this is the government in power, so this is of interest to us. Along with more donations to the Conservative Party, we have less opposition to kleptocracy. We received a report from Russia [do Parlamento britânico] Not much happened after that. Russian troops are concentrated near Ukraine. Still, we do not understand that having so much Russian money in London would be a problem. Of course the two things are connected. I think it’s a reason to publish this report now.

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