Starmer heads to Scotland to 'reset' England ties

Starmer heads to Scotland to 'reset' England ties

Swinney lamented the “very, very difficult and damaging” election result for his party.

The sharp decline in its presence in the House of Commons is attributed by some analysts to the effective vote, with many of its voters choosing Labor to end 14 years of Conservative power.

– A “different” way of working –

At a press conference on Saturday, the new British prime minister said she wanted to “define a way of working across the UK that is different and better than in the past and recognizes the contributions of our four countries.”

Former Scottish first minister Nicola Sturgeon, in office until February 2023, criticized the lack of communication from then-Conservative chief executive Boris Johnson during the Covid-19 pandemic, and lamented that his successor, Liz Truss, was also out of touch. She at the beginning of her mandate.

In the British political system, the governments of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have jurisdiction over certain areas such as education, health and the environment, while the British Executive in London retains powers over defense and foreign policy. .

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