This is how Rabat used Brexit at the expense of Spain

This is how Rabat used Brexit at the expense of Spain

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Morocco Know how to expect Proxy Signed an association agreement with United Kingdom In October 2019, maintain the same economic relationship after leaving Union European (EU).

The bilateral agreement has already been issued First Fruit. The neighboring country has been enjoying excellent economic performance since January 1 in such sectors Agriculture, New product exports to the UK have grown exponentially.

Effective January 2021 ProxyOf vegetables and vegetables Stoke-on-Trent Morocco Increased by 51 percent. The Maghreb country has already changed Netherlands As the main supplier of these new products to the UK.

Required Strawberries Morocco This is an increase of 459 percent over the previous year. In January 2020, Morocco shipped 231 tons to the United Kingdom, up from 1,292 tons this January.

“Ignore berries”

This growth has already been predicted by agricultural entrepreneurs in Spain. Antonio Louis Martin, The owner of Frutas Curi in Cortoya (Hulva), was one of the forerunners of a contract that appeared in Morocco to collect strawberries in the fields of Hulva. In an interview The ESPAÑOL, “The United Kingdom is going to ignore us with tourism Berry -red fruits- in Hulwa ”.

However, he says “relationships will not be easy” because “no Anglo-Saxon will change their culture. Ramadan or the Feast of the Lamb will not disappear, and eventually it will lead to disagreement.” Culture Arabic For settling in the country ”.

Imports of vegetables and fruits to the UK from non-EU countries (251 tonnes) have already surpassed EU figures (220 tonnes). However, Spain is still the largest exporter to the UK, but Morocco increased its exports. Netherlands And South Africa, Ranked second and third in the list of exporting countries.

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In the case of Spain, however, all three have reduced their numbers by 10 per cent; Up to 26 per cent in January 2021 in the Netherlands compared to the same period of the previous year. Morocco, meanwhile, increased its exports by 51 percent to 20,000 to 30,000 tons.

In general, the Department of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables He has been doing well this season. Moroccan Minister of Agriculture, Aziz அகன்ன ou ச், The country’s fruit and vegetable exports totaled 474,000 tonnes in January.

Exports of horticultural products registered on March 21, 2021 increased by 3% compared to the previous date.

Direct boat

The UK is launching an initiative to facilitate transportation and save costs New Path From Boat It will directly connect the ports of Tangier Med and Pool (Dorset) To transport vegetables and to avoid EU taxes on non-EU countries. In this way, the agricultural product is shipped directly and avoids going to EU countries and paying taxes and obligations.

Company United Seaways Provides weekly direct service by Ro-Ro Transit ferry, which reduces the current travel time from Morocco to the UK by three days. So the service to import new products is interesting.

Moroccan Foreign Minister Nasser Borita, along with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Although there is no date, the company expects to start sailing in the coming months. Above all, take into account that it imposes additional restrictions on EU imports from July.

As EL ESPAÑOL has learned, foreign intelligence has imposed sieges on the Spanish ports of Morocco in 2022 due to losses in fruits and vegetables. Therefore, they are also preparing alternatives from Nador and Tangier Med to France.

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Moroccan workers

Similarly, the United Kingdom needs a labor force, and post-Brexit bilateral agreements initially consider recruitment Workers Morocco In fields where the UK requires trained staff.

Spain is a growing model for many years with Moroccan women picking strawberries in the fields of Hulwa. In front International spreadDuring the harvest campaign, Hulwa traders hired about 20,000 workers. Last year, by closing the borders Govit-19 On March 13, only 7,000 women were reached Hulwa.

The plans of the British mining group Altas to exploit silver and copper in Morocco.

The plans of the British mining group Altas to exploit silver and copper in Morocco.

It benefits from cheap labor; That’s why it has not only grown strawberries, but also acquired land to make grapes with grapes from some parts of Morocco, such as Bergen in the north of the country.

Thus, the United Kingdom has also promised to produce in the country with cheap labor. In this way, it establishes a bridge with other countries on the African continent in the field of banking investment and renewable energy.

In fact, in February, within the framework of the plan North Africa Water Conservation Nexus Funding Kingdom United, The country has provided new data and maps on climate change to support water management and agriculture in Morocco.

“This new information will help us plan for a more flexible future, especially for water management and agriculture,” the Mediterranean Coordinating Center said in a statement.

“Water scarcity poses a real threat to stability and sustainable development in Morocco,” British Ambassador to Morocco Simon Martin was quoted as saying in the statement.

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These work meetings are common between the two countries. The last was held this month on the basis of statistics, where the numbers and performance of the union agreement were discussed.

natural resources

Cooperation extends to tenders in the country. The United Kingdom has officially established itself in Morocco with potassium, gas and mineral companies.

British Mining Group won three new copper and silver projects at the Altus Strategies Atlas, a total of 252 square kilometers, awarded to its subsidiary, Atarian Resources Limited, After a tender.

Emerson PLC, a British mining company, is raising the necessary funds to start work on the Chemical Potassium plant by the end of 2021, with the Department of Energy holding the operating license.

The British company, which is listed on the London Stock Exchange, has confirmed to its shareholders that production, which is Africa’s largest potassium mine, will take place in 2023.

Funds for construction will be raised in the second half of 2021. Last February, Emerson P.L.C. Raised 6.4 million euros to accelerate the growth of the project.

Overall, according to Emerson, will be developed 2,385 jobs, Directly and indirectly, during the construction of the project. Once fully operational, a total of 1,500 people (760 direct employees) will be employed.

Morocco is playing cards of agriculture and industry with a competitive offer with the United Kingdom FTA. As for the industrial sector, the economic fabric is not very developed with the UK, so it calls for diversifying its objectives and for British groups to settle in the country.

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