The young man woke up a few hours ago to “turn off the machines” from his coma

The young man woke up a few hours ago to "turn off the machines" from his coma

U.S.A 19-year-old man in the UK gave a “gift” to his mother when she woke up from a coma just minutes before doctors disabled life support. When he woke up, the boy had told his mother that he was in love.

The case of Brooklyn Peekman took place in a hospital in Denfixhire, Wales. Brooklyn suffered a stroke, and surgery failed to prevent his heart from being damaged.

Before doctors disabled life support, they noticed that Brooklyn Peekman still had brain function.

After a while, the young man woke up on Christmas Eve. In an interview with The Mirror, a family member said Brooklyn’s mother said it was “the best gift ever”.

The teenager has a life marked by heart problems (he had to have heart surgery twice in the first 36 hours of his life), but plays football at an amateur club and maintains regular sports activities.

He will have to spend about a year in a Brooklyn hospital and will not be able to escape heart transplant surgery, so his life is in danger if he suffers another attack.

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