There are vacancies worth less than minimum wage

There are vacancies worth less than minimum wage

NS The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MNE) has opened competitions for 102 vacancies in Portuguese embassies, missions and consular posts, but there are offers where the offered salary is less than the national minimum wage (SMN). This is the case for a senior technical position in Islamabad, Pakistan, where a Monthly wages of €212.24.

Information contained in the vacancy notice, which can be referenced Here. News, underlined, was submitted by prefix meaning environmentWhat communicated with the guardianship regarding these values ​​and the justifications he obtained is that the values ​​are determined based on the salary scale established by law.

“The basic salary indicated in each notice corresponds to the entry fee by job and country,” a source in the guardianship told the digital newspaper. He added that “these values ​​also reflect the updates resulting from the planned increases for the civil service, as well as, where appropriate, respect for the mandatory rule of the local public order setting a national minimum wage.”

Also in remarks to the ECO, Rosa Teixeira Ribeiro, Secretary General of the Federation of Consular, Diplomatic and Central Services Workers’ Federation (STCDE), said the value of the proposed remuneration for the job in Islamabad stems from the salary scales set by decree. 2013 Act. “We do not accept the idea that workers are paid through the local minimum wage, which is generally aimed at unskilled employees,” he advocated.

On Wednesday, MNE opened competitions for 102 vacancies in Portuguese embassies, missions and consular posts, including seven vacancies for London and Manchester consulates within the scope of the Brexit emergency plan.

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The countries with the highest number of vacancies are France (11 vacancies), USA (7), UK (7), Brazil (4), Germany (3), Angola (3), Canada (3), Mozambique (3), Switzerland (3) and Venezuela (3), explains MNE, adding that they are “countries with a large presence of Portuguese communities.”

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