The US and UK have indicated that the attacks on the Houthis are legally justified

The US and UK have indicated that the attacks on the Houthis are legally justified

Source: Disclosure/US Embassy and Consulate in Brazil

Based on a recent incident, The to us And this UK argued that military attacks were launched against The Houthis are consistent with international law, reasonable and within legal parameters. The incident took place last Thursday (11) in response to the Yemeni group's attacks on ships in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden.

Retaliatory action

The US envoy to the UN said the strikes, launched in the transition between Thursday and Friday (12), were aimed at “disrupting and reducing the Houthis' ability to continue reckless attacks against ships and merchant vessels”. United Nations, Linda Thomas-Greenfield.

Impact of Houthi attacks

According to Linda Thomas-Greenfield, the negative impact of these attacks was significant. More than 2,000 ships have been forced to divert from the Red Sea since November as a result of the series of attacks, he said. This fact highlights the seriousness of the situation and why retaliatory action by these countries is deemed necessary.

Position before the UN

UN The position adopted by the United States and the United Kingdom before the Security Council exemplifies these countries' perspective on the necessary and expected action by countries facing acts of aggression that may compromise the safety of vessels transiting international sea lanes. It also highlights the importance of respecting international law and acting decisively in the face of violations of these norms.

The Challenge to Peace in the Middle East

The situation also highlights the difficulties of maintaining peace in the Middle East, a region marked by intense and persistent conflict. Therefore, in the current situation, international actors and global institutions must take prudent and effective measures that contribute to reducing conflicts and promoting a peaceful and secure environment.

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Considering the current context and the inherent difficulties of the situation, it is clear that the issue goes beyond a simple retaliatory military strike. It is a complex and multidimensional problem, and the challenge lies in how to balance the rights, interests and security of the various actors involved in a fair and peaceful manner.

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