Brazil and UK sign new air service agreement

Brazil and UK sign new air service agreement


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) announced yesterday 10/04 the signing of a new agreement on air services between Brazil and the United Kingdom. The ceremony was attended by Alternate Foreign Minister Maria Laura da Rocha and UK and Northern Ireland Ambassador to Brazil Stephanie Al-Khaq.

As a result of the joint work of the Ministry of External Affairs (MRE), the Ministry of Ports and Airports (MPR) and the National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC), the new agreement brings significant improvements in the aviation sector between the two countries. One of the key changes is the freedom for Brazilian and British airlines to decide on the offer of round-trip flights for passengers and cargo.

Furthermore, the agreement updates the 1946 bilateral legal framework and includes the right to transport passengers and cargo between the borders of Brazil and the United Kingdom and a third state, on flights originating in or destined for signatory countries, the sector “fifth freedom of the air”.

Another important point is the expansion of permission for cargo service operations, allowing airlines of both countries to carry international cargo without the need to start or end in the company's home country, the so-called “seventh freedom donation”.

The new agreement, which will be sent to the National Congress for consideration, will provide greater legal protection to companies operating routes between Brazil and the UK. It is expected to contribute significantly to increase bilateral trade and tourism flow between the two countries.


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