The University of England has an archive of “ghost houses”

The University of England has an archive of “ghost houses”

The University of Sheffield in the UK has an archive open to the public with nearly 80,000 photos of “ghost houses” from various exhibitions.

For many, fear is an integral part of any fair experience. In the Victorian era, in England, it was already known by merchants that they played with the idea of ​​attracting the public through fear.

In the early 20th century, it mostly covered Haunted house That’s it Train Ghost, in which reasonable visitors wander through the dark tunnels inhabited by mechanized beasts.

Arantza District, Sheffield University’s National Exhibitions and Circus Collection Manager explains to the portal Atlas Apsura The success of these types of attractions in British popular exhibitions is due to the wide interest in spirituality and the connection beyond.

“In the Victorian era, it was the center for workers to come and unite to escape their boring lives,” Burrudia insists. “It simply came to our notice then They saw electricity for the first time, Steam power for the first time, moving images for the first time.

Oh National Archive of Exhibitions and Circus, From the University of Sheffield, brings more than 400 years of history. The file is almost there 80 thousand digital images In many haunted houses in the UK, you can consult Here.

Of the many haunted houses of popular exhibitions, this is believed to be the first one. Designed in 1915 by Orton and Spooner Entertainment Titans “Ghost Room” It intimidated its visitors with random bases, vibrant walls and unexpected wind gusts. Gravity still works in Hampshire, in the south of England.

Peter Whelan / National Exhibition Archive

“Haunted House” of the Hampshire Exhibition.

Daniel Costa, ZAP //

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