The United Kingdom wants to strengthen its relationship with cooperatives in Paran

This Wednesday afternoon (07/07), Jose Roberto Ricken, President of the Ossebar Organization, attended a virtual meeting with Lisa Weiden, the United Kingdom’s Deputy Ambassador in Sவோo Paulo, and the Ambassador of the United Kingdom of Korea United in Guerrero, Adam Patterson. On that occasion, opportunities to strengthen the relationship between Paran and Co-operatives from the United Kingdom were discussed.

Consistency – Ricken spoke about the role of cooperatives in various sectors and had the opportunity to emphasize the sector’s commitment to three key pillars: social and economic development and respect for the environment. “Despite being miles away from the Amazon, our co-operatives suffer from the distorted image of some countries regarding environmental protection. Brazil uses only 7.6% of its land area with crops, and most of our territory is protected, which does not happen anywhere else on the planet,” he stressed. The Chairman also spoke about the areas where cooperatives operate in the state and currently export to more than 120 countries.

Opportunity – Lisa Wheaton expressed satisfaction at this meeting, saying that others, of course, should walk between the teams from the embassy and the Osebar organization. “I see this as an opportunity to learn more about co-operation. Since we are very interested in the issue of climate and environment, it is very good to ask about sustainability as we need to ask what this sector is really doing.

Cooperative 26 – The United Kingdom’s Embassy in Glasgow, Scotland, visited the United Nations in November this year. Recall that Coop26 will host the Global Climate Conference. “We need information about Brazil. This meeting brought us important data this afternoon. This is not always the news heard about the country in the UK, especially about the sustainable processes developed by agribusinesses and cooperatives in Paran பர. We have a number of British companies operating in Brazil, and we need to strengthen our relationship and work together, ”Weiden said. “We have the opportunity to discuss common demands and needs between our partners and the United Kingdom to pursue this approach,” Ricken stressed.

Priorities – During the dialogue, the delegates outlined five key priorities in relations between Brazil and the United Kingdom: promoting ambitious climate obligations, reducing sanctions, promoting science, promoting public security and strengthening democratic values, and strengthening open societies by reducing inequality.

Visit – The meeting was attended by Ossepar Supervisor, Robson Mafioletti, Technology Development Manager, Flavio Darra, Analysts Alexandre Montero and Mico Janella and Communications Coordinator Samuel Milo Bilho. For the consulate, Pedro Mendes and regional engagement officials in Point Pedro, Larissa Vasquez, Livia Pesso and Daisy Oliveira.

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