The UK edition of ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ comes with two seasons streaming – 12/26/2021 – Explained

The UK edition of 'RuPaul's Drag Race' comes with two seasons streaming - 12/26/2021 - Explained

Drag queen contests have become very popular on TV these days, and new drag queen slots pop up every month. Paramount + has just released “Queen of the Universe” and is announcing the launch of “Queen Stars” for March, led by HBO Max, Pablo Witter and Louisa Sonza. Meanwhile, the original creator of the design, Rupal, traveled to the UK for this British version of his acclaimed “Track Race”, which has already been on stage for two seasons.

Star +, 14 years old

At the last minute

In this Colombian comic series, exclusively on stage, a young journalist gets the job of his dreams, the most watched television news show in the country. But she faces many obstacles, such as the jealousy of some colleagues.

Amazon Prime Video, 16 years old

The color of sound – memories of black music

Each of the three episodes of the documentary series features interviews with a distinguished Brazilian musician – percussionist Fred Prince, trumpet and organizer Valmir Gill and composer, conductor and pianist Larcio de Freidas.

Play Tots, Given


Chilean actor Luis Geneco played Pablo Neruda and Mexican Gayle Garcia Bernal played a cop in the path of the great poet, the director of other autobiographies such as Pablo Lorraine “.Jackie“E” Spencer “.

Netflix, 14 years old

Backwards 2021

Gloria Maria and Sandra Anenberg present a traditional program that reviews important events of the year. With the advent of vaccines and many casualties, Govt-19 dominated epidemic news.
Celebrities for the disease.

Globe, 22:35, Free

Famous wall

One of the most successful paintings in the “Hora do Faro” project gets its own specialization. Under Rodrigo Pharaoh, names like Carolina Ferros, Marcio Conuto and Val Marciori answer the questions asked by both families – but they can be confusing.

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Record, 22:45, 12 years old

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