The United Kingdom wants to keep citizens in the country and wants to equalize European countries with regard to restrictions – DNOTICIAS.PT

The United Kingdom wants to keep citizens in the country and wants to equalize European countries with regard to restrictions - DNOTICIAS.PT

With the end of the Champions Line in Portugal, the British government considered it strange to be given the ‘green line’ and is now implementing a new regulation. The lawyer says he is very surprised by the conclusion that “I do not know that there is a Nepalese variant in Portugal” and that it is strange that only the Portuguese through the Ministry of Housing in the United Kingdom know this information.

The lawyer argues that the restriction was intended to prevent the British from leaving their country and to take a holiday in England. The reports were released with the participation of Miguel de Sousa, Antonio Trinette and Ricardo Vieira in the discussion da Semana, broadcast by DSF-Madera.

Antonio Trinidad in Alcarve also confirms that the transition to the ‘yellow list’ is being watched with great interest in this region of the country. The hotel recalled that as of June 8, the move to another list puts Portugal on an equal footing with countries such as Spain, Italy, France, Italy and Greece. “These countries, which have created a large lobby, bring to the fore a number of questions, comparing the number of cases per 100 thousand people or the classification of R,” notes Antonio Trident. England are “under great pressure from their own competition”.

“I hope the British government’s serious warning is to try to equalize everything and reconsider the situation so that it can be redefined in 20 or more days,” said Antonio Trindate.

Miguel de Sousa acknowledges that there may be issues related to public health. “Probably everything here is more serious than we know,” he told the ECM executive, adding that Nepal had a “very serious” problem and was worried about him. In fact, he believes it is legitimate for the United Kingdom to place ‘restrictions’ on travel to Portugal, as well as if the opposite happens.

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“I think we need to take care of public health,” says Miguel de Sousa. However, with Sport’s celebrations as national champion, he points out, “everything has become an embarrassment,” but there is more zeal in some cases, such as the restoration period.

In the debate, Antonio Trinidad said he still did not believe the Madras government would reach a decision by ‘forcing’ the British government to change its decision. “This is a compulsion carried out by various European island regions, namely the Spaniards Canaries and the Balearic Islands, (…) but the position of the English government is to regard the country as ‘Per Se’.

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