Therapeutic dog helps save UK woman’s life | Pet Channel

Therapeutic dog helps save UK woman's life |  Pet Channel
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Digby is a therapeutic dog used by firefighters.

According to local firefighters, a treatment dog played a key role in saving the life of a young woman who tried to kill herself by throwing herself off a bridge on a highway in the UK.

Digby, also known as the dog, often assists firefighters in treatment sessions and deals with trauma. But something else happened at your work this week. A three-year-old girl was taken to Labrador (a combination of Labrador and Poodle) on Tuesday (15) by firefighters on a bridge in southwest England where teams were trying to help her.

On Twitter, the first responders said during talks with police that the situation was becoming increasingly worrying, until one of the teams suggested calling Digby, the treatment dog to help firefighters deal with the shock.

“When Digby arrived, the young woman immediately turned her head and smiled. This started a conversation about Digby and her role in the fire service,” the group said in a Twitter post. “She was asked if he would like to come and meet if Digby came back on the tracks. We are glad he said that,” he continued.

After another job where a hero dog did better, the rescue team said they wanted all the best to rescue the girl. The use of therapeutic dogs is becoming popular all over the world, helping both adults and children cope with difficulties.

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